Books Authored by Dr. YogiRam Bolisetty

The Surgery Books are intended for the medical students, to have a concise subject, easy to understand and represent in the examinations.

Synopsis of Surgery

Synopsis of Surgery is the latest edition authored by Dr. Yogi Ram Bolisetty and an essential resource for all undergraduate and postgraduate students. The synoptic form of the book, coupled with appropriately detailed topics, covers surgery in a ready reference format, and will serve as an unparalleled accompaniment to standard textbooks on surgery.

This book covers all topics of surgery comprehensively and is designed to assist students to master the fundamentals, enhance their aptitude for clinical problem solving, and act as a reliable guide for exam preparations.

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Yogi Ram’s Lecture on Surgery

“Yogi Ram’s Lectures on Surgery” is the presentation of lectures delivered at Global Medical Education centre, Global Hospital, and at Dr. Yogi Ram’s Medical Education Centre, Hyderabad since 2002 by the author, Dr Yogi Ram Bolisetty. The material is collected from various standard textbooks.

  • Presentation of the subject point-wise in “bullet format”
  • Collection of the material from standard text books
  • Representation of the subject in an easy to follow mode and easy to represent in the examinations
  • Summary boxes at the end of each important topic for student to review the subject effectively & easily
  • A schematic approach by flow-charts to diagnose and manage the important common cases
  • Easy to follow and easy to represent line-diagrams
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The Art of Surgery

This book is a manual on the fundamentals of the operation theatre, its design and discipline; the operation theatre gadgetry, which are used routinely in every operation theatre and the basic surgical skills which are the prime requisite of any surgical procedure.
In addition, it deals with the qualities of a surgical disciple, the means of achieving the mastery of the surgical science and the philosophical out look for a surgeon.

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Sri Rama Stotra Malika, is a book about the stotrams of Lord Sree Rama.

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